What type of fictional teacher character are you?

25f880_fb0b54ea124e46a1996d63419efaf71c~mv2If you are reading this post, then you have just completeed your learning group diagnostic. Please continue reading to better understand your learner profile and the suggested learning activities you should complete to make your course work most impactful.






The Diagnostic Design

The learning group diagnostic was designed to assess your strengths and areas of improvement for personalized instruction. To prevent aspirational responses, the questions were purposefully non-teaching related. Each question indirectly relates to a skill or mindset that is critical to effective personalized instruction. Next, each of the qualities of an effective personalized learning instructor were then mapped to 5 most common teacher archtypes. Finally, these archtypes were mapped to fictional teacher characters who represent these archtypes in film or television. Based on your responses, you were assigned one of these five archetypes. No one is 100% represented by a single archtype, but your type should represent 50-70% of your teaching style.

The 5 Common Teacher Archetypes

Please select the fictional teacher character you received in your diagnostic to learn more about your strengths and possible areas for improvement for personalized learning.

Coach Boone
(Remember the Titans)

Mr. Keating
(Dead Poet’s Society)

Professor Snape
(Harry Potter)

Ms. Johnson
(Dangerous Minds)

Ms. Frizzle
(Magic School Bus)

Coach Boone (Remember the Titans)

You’re a highly effective motivator. With tough love and a structured teaching approach, you inspire students to overcome obstacles and achieve personal growth with determination and perseverance. You want students to love themselves and always do their personal best.

Personalized Learning Strengths:

  • You value developing student agency and push students to take ownership over their education
  • You empathize with students when they struggle, but you are all about tough love and hold high expectations for effort
  • You believe every child can grow and improve from their current situation in life

Personalized Learning Growth Areas:

  • Sometimes you are not as data driven as you would like to be; but you see the value in it to support student growth
  • You often stick with your tried and true methods of working with students and peers, and need convincing to try a new process
  • You often over rely on your motivating presence and need to work on ceding more control/freedom to students

Mr. Keating (Dead Poet’s Society)

You’re the ultimate romantic. You wax nostalgic about simpler times and revere the classics of art, literature, and science. You’re warm, sincere in your craft, and value authenticity and honesty above all else. You bring passion and conviction to every lesson, and it rubs off on your students.

Personalized Learning Strengths:

  • You are a master at facilitating discussions and posing thoughtful questions that push student mindsets
  • You skillfully invoke historical events, leaders, and philosohpies to both connect with and expand students’ interests
  • Your genuine love for your craft is infectious; students learn how to feel deeply and passionately about something

Personalized Learning Growth Areas:

  • You rarely use data to drive your decision making, and you may not be as aware of student learning deficits
  • You often deliver a common learning experience for all students; consider how to offer students more learning options
  • Given your love for tradition, you might be out of touch with students real life experience and modern cultural norms
  • You should consider using technologies that enhance your traditional methods to increase engagement and efficiency

Professor Snape (Harry Potter)

You are an an incredibly smart, intense, and analytical creature. Your practices are often research based and data driven. You have little patience for those who do not match your devotion to intellectual rigor and precision. If students can keep up, they will earn your respect and discover a softer side to your persona.

Personalized Learning Strengths:

  • You excel at challenging students with diverse tasks and developing their higher order thinking skills
  • You give students many opportunities to work indepedently to repeatedly practice and deepen their skill
  • You are hard to please and this makes some students want to work harder to prove their worth
  • You generally gather and analyze assessment data to track your students

Personalized Learning Growth Areas:

  • You over-emphasize absolute performance and under-emphasize growth; this may demotivate students who are behind
  • Your intensity and lack of flexibility may discourage some students from vocalizing their need for help
  • Differentiation doesn’t lower the bar; find ways to accomodate stuggling students with different, equally rigorous activities

Ms. Johnson (Dangerous Minds)

You are an incredibly resilient and dedicated teacher who invests deeply in student relationships and the community at large. You believe we can only succeed in overcoming challenges if we work together. Students come to you for advice and share their deepest secrets. You have your finger on the pulse of the needs and interests of all your students.

Personalized Learning Strengths:

  • You are great at getting students to work respectfully in groups and support each other
  • You effortlessly infuse your lessons with popular culture and connect to student interests
  • You put a lot of trust in students, and they reward you with honesty and effort
  • You’ve created alliances with family and community members to hold students accountable

Personalized Learning Growth Areas:

  • Delivering academically rigorous content may often get deprioritized in favor of engaging activities
  • You rarely use data to drive your decision making, and you may not be as aware of student learning deficits
  • An over-emphasis on community and collaboration might deprive students of much need individual learning and reflection time

Ms. Frizzle (Magic Schoolbus)

You have an insatiable appetite for exploring new ideas and testing the laws of nature. You’re a bit quirky, a tad disorganized, and thrive in ambiguity. You sometimes take on more than you can handle, but you enjoy the messiness of failure and experimentation. Students might not be sure where the lesson is going, but the journey is always exciting.

Personalized Learning Strengths:

  • You value experimentation and the messiness of making new discoveries
  • You expose students to multiple ways of learning a new concept or skill
  • You stoke the imagination and creativity of your students

Personalized Learning Growth Areas:

  • Sometimes your passion for exploring new ideas overshadows the need to support struggling students
  • Sometimes the gadgets, tech tools, demos etc. that you use do not have a clear link to academic standards
  • You should probably spend more time getting to know your students interests and understand what motivates them
  • Your class could probably use a little more class structure so students can participate more effectively